Choline Chloride


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Choline chloride is a commonly used additive in animal feeds. As an animal feed supplement, Choline enhances and accelerates growth in animals during times of rapid development.

Even though it is a natural ingredient in many foodstuffs, the concentration of Choline is usually too low to ensure proper development and optimum growth in young animals, especially poultry and pigs.

Choline deficiency in animals is fairly well characterized and is preventable by the addition of choline salts to the diet.

There have been widespread cases of Choline chloride products in the market that are of poor quality and below the specification stated by the manufacturer. This situation has caused damage to breeders while also hurting genuine suppliers.

We only ever supply the very best quality product from our fully qualified and audited factory. This gives our customers complete peace of mind and maintains transparency throughout the supply chain.

Our Choline chloride is 100% FAMI-QS and HACCP certified which demonstrates our complete quality guarantee and allows it to be sold in the European Union.

FAMI-QS certification is recognised by the European Commission to address safety, quality, and regulatory compliance of specialty feed ingredients. The certification improves food safety by ensuring that all feed safety regulatory requirements stated in the Feed Hygiene Regulation are met.

At Odus, FAMI-QS is a very important aspect of our Animal Nutrition business. We continue to improve the quality and safety of our products and the FAMI-QS certification proves that our Choline chloride meets the highest level of regulatory feed requirements set forth by the European Commission.

HACCP is the food safety management system certification which is essential in maintaining food quality standards at all points in the supply chain.

Poultry Choline deficiency in poultry is characterised by a fatty degeneration of the liver, a reduced rate of growth, perosis and in mature birds, a decrease in egg production and hatchability.
Pig Deficiency in pigs result in a reduced rate of growth, uncoordinated movements, reduced number of total and live pigs per litter, fatty degeneration of the liver and kidney damage.

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