Manganese Sulphate


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Manganese is an essential micronutrient for healthy animals. It is a required component of many enzyme systems, including carbohydrate and protein. As animals store very little Manganese in their bodies, their diet must contain enough manganese to meet daily requirements. Manganese helps animals synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol.

It is also required for bone strength and reproductive health. Animals require it to efficiently utilize biotin, vitamin B1, and vitamin C. 

Deficiency symptoms include abnormal skeletal growth/bone porosity, poor reproductive performance in ewes and cows, small, weak offspring, increased fat deposition, gait abnormalities in new-born calves and lambs, reduced milk production, poor egg shell formation, and slipped tendons in poultry.

Our Manganese sulphate is 100% FAMI-QS certified which demonstrates our complete quality guarantee and allows it to be sold in the European Union.

FAMI-QS certification is recognised by the European Commission to address safety, quality, and regulatory compliance of specialty feed ingredients. The certification improves food safety by ensuring that all feed safety regulatory requirements stated in the Feed Hygiene Regulation are met.

At Odus FAMI-QS is a very important aspect of our Animal Nutrition business. We continue to improve the quality and safety of our products every day. The FAMI-QS certification proves that our Manganese Sulphate meets the highest level of regulatory feed requirements set forth by the European Commission.

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