Sodium Selenite


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Selenium (Se) is now recognised as an essential trace element for ruminants. It is required in cattle for normal growth and fertility and helping to prevent other health disorders such as mastitis and calf scours.

Selenium is also added to pet food because of its antioxidant properties and its crucial role in supporting normal pancreatic, fat absorption, and thyroid function.

One of the sources of Selenium is Sodium Selenite which we supply from our fully qualified and audited factory.


Our Sodium selenite is 100% FAMI-QS and KOSHER certified which demonstrates our complete quality guarantee and allows it to be sold in the European Union.

FAMI-QS certification is recognized by the European Commission to address safety, quality, and regulatory compliance of specialty feed ingredients. The certification improves food safety by ensuring that all feed safety regulatory requirements stated in the Feed Hygiene Regulation are met.

At Odus FAMI-QS is a very important aspect of our Animal Nutrition business. We continue to improve the quality and safety of our products every day. The FAMI-QS certification proves that our Sodium Selenite meets the highest level of regulatory feed requirements set forth by the European Commission.

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