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In today's agricultural market consumers are demanding food with fewer chemical residues from pesticides and producers are consistently seeking ways to preserve the effectiveness of their pest control tools.

An increasing number of organic growers in agriculture, horticulture and forestry have completely moved from using chemical pesticides and are having success with biological products.

Since the range of chemical pesticides is also restricted by law, a further increase of the use of biological control agents can be expected.

Odus have developed a range of biological products that provide growers with foliar and irrigation applied crop protection solutions.

These products help control a variety of pests and diseases, often in combination with chemical based crop protection products, for both greenhouse and open field growers.

1. Pest / Diease Control

  • Sustainable control against many pests and disease

2. Increase Food Production

  • Crop production allows farmers to dramatically increase crop yields

3. Decrease Cost Of Food

  • Without biological control food production would decline, many fruits and vegetables would be in short supply and prices would rise

4. Environmentally Friendly

  • Suitable for Organic Farming
Winia Doctor

Winia Doctor

WINIA DOCTOR is a Biofungicide containing a Bacillus subtilis extract as well as sugars, vitamins and nucleic acid. Bacillus subtilis can be found inside dried rice straw or dry grass.



IMPERIAL-S increases integrated pest management and protects the membrane in the plant pistils and stamens before the germinating period. It also strengthens self-defence and resists harmful insects.



APHID-K is a Bioinsecticide containing natural herb extracts and is excellent in protecting crops from harmful insects. APHID-K consists of natural ingredients and does not remain in crops or the soil. It is safe to use with permanent crops during the harvest period.



NEMA-K is a water soluble botanical extract from the Quillaja saponaria tree which acts as a highly effective nematicide. NEMA-K solution contains both saponins and tannins, creating a strong synergy which impacts fungal and bacterial feeding nematodes both immediately and long term.

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