Soil Treatment

Suitable for: Fruit · Vegetables · Grass · Cereal · Flowers · All

Soil Treatment products are aimed to promote the development of an extensive root system and efficient use of water and nutrients.

They are used to correct the physical, biological, and nutritional profile of the soil.

Our products improve soil conditions for plant growth by balancing pH, adding organic matter, restoring soil microbial activity, increasing moisture retention, and reducing compaction.

This is achieved by providing essential elements to the plant, such as, Amino, Fulvic and Humic Acids as well as Macro and Micro elements.

1. Rooting Enhancement

  • Promotes early rooting and activates soil microelements

2. Improves Soil and Root Structure

  • Improves root conditions and increasing organic content of the soil

3. Increases Crop Yield

  • By providing essential plant growth nutrients and a wide range of micro nutrients
Root Heaven

Root Heaven

ROOT HEAVEN contains high quality Humic Acid and micronutrients. Humic Acid has proved to be an excellent resource at improving the soil and enhancing the plants roots.

Jumping Gold

Jumping Gold

JUMPING GOLD contains the best natural amino acids, peptides, humic and fulvic acid. It promotes plant energy and can be used in high quality irrigation.

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